Why news, in addition to grownups, is important for children too?

It is mandatory to keep your children informed of what is going on in their world, and they will also learn new lingo and be prepared for future events by understanding the current "noise" in their world a bit better than you might be able to do only reading the newspaper.

It requires a habit of reading the newspapers or watching a news channel every day. Practicing is the really important part of it. One should not just start, but practice for sometime every day because this is a need for all of us.

Not only children should be informed about what's happening in the world, but also everyone should be able to understand world news and know where is the problem and who is doing what to that problem.

The newspaper or TV news channels are here to spread information about current happenings in the world. The news channels always present at least one story per week on the same topic and then immediately show another story on different topic, so that there may not be too much tension in home or school. Children should be told about what is happening outside as well as inside their homes.

Many children are interested in news because their friends talk about it, and it is a good way to learn about the world around us. It also gives us an opportunity to teach our children how to react and how to be safe, when bad things happen.

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